There are numerous sports played in Trinia, including some which are not found elsewhere. A large number of Trinian citizens are in some way engaged with sport, whether as participants or spectators.

Sporting Codes

The official national sport of Trinia is archery, which has a prominent place in the country's tradition. For centuries, it was the favoured sport of the aristocracy, and competence at archery was considered an important part of being a noble. Archery competitions were an important feature of historic Trinia, both for the aristocracy and for others. Archery no longer holds the dominant position in society it once did, but remains the most prestigious sport in Trinian tradition.

In terms of numbers, however, the most popular sport today would be soccer/football (called gosul in Trinian). It is played throughout the country by both professional and amateur teams, and the Trinian national team has a strong popular following. Other team sports played in Trinia include rugby, volleyball, treleţen (a local version of basketball or netball), and ćalen (an adaptation of baseball or cricket). Individual sports with significant following include tennis and traditional Trinian combat sports (mostly using knives).


On the whole, Trinian sport tends to be based around the thirty-seven Houses, with each House taking the role that might be filled by a province, city, or club in other countries. For example, each of the Houses maintains a soccer/football team, with the competition between the Houses being Trinia's most followed sports league. The larger Houses will often have internal leagues as well.

The official colours of each House carry over to their sports teams. Each House adopts a particular arrangement of its colours which is applied to all sports. Below can be found some examples of uniforms from different Houses — specifically, uniforms for soccer/football teams.

Trinian Sports Uniforms